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Whiskers and Whipped Cream-signed paperback (book 3)

Whiskers and Whipped Cream-signed paperback (book 3)

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 In the heart of New Orleans, where the supernatural frolic with the mundane and magic is just another ingredient in the gumbo, Hazel finds herself in a sticky situation not even the finest beignet sugar can sweeten. Kicked out of Hell for clumsiness that would make a poltergeist facepalm, this succubus with a heart of gold, (and a penchant for pink) is about to turn New Orleans upside down.

Her latest misadventure? A one-night stand unwittingly steals so much magic from Jack O’Lantern, the prince of the jaguar shifters, he can now only shift into a house cat. Holy enchanted eclairs, is she ever in a vat of hot voodoo stew. As if things couldn't get any worse, the landlord of her new bakery, The Sinful Crumb, is Jack himself. She’s going to need more than a sprinkle of luck to reverse this feline faux pas.

The ovens are not the only thing heating her kitchen. Jack’s sultry glances are more tempting than Satan’s Sinful Sheet cake. Hazel needs to give him back his magic without breaking her heart in the process. Trouble is, it requires a sacrifice she’s not ready to make.

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