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Dragon's Fate (Book 2)

Dragon's Fate (Book 2)

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A single touch, a deadly consequence.

Caleb exudes an aura of darkness and dominance in his human guise, but as a dragon, he is an unstoppable force. When he witnesses the slave Lileta being mercilessly beaten by his tyrannical Overlord Odage, his fury threatens to consume him. Driven by an inexplicable impulse, he demands to claim Lileta as his own, only to discover that his attraction to her surpasses mere physical allure. In a cruel twist of fate, the gods have bound him to a demon, a mate he can never touch without facing certain death.

Left with no alternative, he must grant her freedom.

Lileta's past is marred by abduction and her life as a slave under the rule of a dragon Overlord. Her venomous touch remains her sole defense in captivity. When Caleb, the captivating dragon, steps forward to save her from a brutal punishment, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. To make matters worse, she gradually realizes that their destinies are intertwined.

However, their union is an impossibility.

As the abduction of a goddess entwines their paths once more, their journey hurtles towards the precipice of passion. Bound by an irresistible, yet perilous desire, they must place their trust in fate, praying they won't become each other's destruction.

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Main Tropes

  • Fated Mates
  • Alpha Hero
  • Opposites Attract


Caleb, possessing an aura of darkness and dominance in his human guise, conceals his true identity as a powerful dragon. Witnessing the cruel treatment of the slave Lileta by the tyrannical Overlord Odage, Caleb's fury ignites. Driven by an inexplicable impulse, he demands to claim Lileta as his own. Yet, what he discovers goes beyond mere physical attraction—it's a connection that transcends the boundaries of their existence. Unfortunately, the gods have cruelly bound him to a demon, making any touch between them deadly.

Left with no other choice, Caleb must grant Lileta her freedom, despite the magnetic pull between them.

Lileta's past is marked by abduction and a life of slavery under the rule of a dragon Overlord. Her venomous touch has been her sole defense in captivity. When Caleb, the captivating dragon, intervenes to save her from brutal punishment, she feels an inexplicable attraction toward him. To complicate matters further, she slowly realizes that their destinities are inexorably linked.

However, their union is seemingly impossible.

The abduction of a goddess propels them toward the edge of passion and peril. Bound by an irresistible yet dangerous desire, they must put their trust in fate, hoping that their love won't lead to their mutual destruction.

Intro Into Chapter One

Odage stood under the full moon, the desert wind whipped through his hair and grains of sand danced past his boots. Finally, he’d found the other half of the amulet of Tobor.

“I am extremely pleased, Odage. You have done well and will be rewarded. However, you know this journey has only begun,” a sinister voice filled the night air.

“Yes, my lord. I’m aware of what is to come next.” Odage sneered. He knew the dark demon wanted the amulet. The harmless stone tucked in his curled fingers would somehow open Hell’s Gate when combined with the blood of a guardian’s mate. His master would then be set free to rain terror on the earth’s occupants.

“Good. Then you will start preparations. I am most anxious to leave this realm.”

“Of course, my lord.” Odage shoved the amulet in his pocket and headed toward Caleb’s tent. He wondered how the slave Lileta fared with his second-in-command. He’d been surprised when Caleb had asked for the slave. Odage planned to kill her for her betrayal but decided Caleb deserved a gift, so had agreed. He grinned, knowing the other Draki could be as brutal as he was. She might die yet.

When he reached the tent, he flung open the door and entered. Caleb sat at the table gnawing on a chicken bone. Odage’s gaze moved across the room where Lileta was handcuffed to the bed. Her tight, pink T-shirt showed every curve, causing his desire to stir. She pinned him with a death glare. It really was a shame their species were incompatible. She was a beautiful female, with flowing, raven hair, golden eyes, and hips that would fit nicely in his grip. Fortunately for her, the gods saw fit to make her species, the Kothar demon, poisonous to a dragon.

Caleb rose. “My liege, how may I assist you?”

“Sit, finish your meal.”

Caleb sat back down. “May I offer you something? Wine?”

“Yes, a glass of wine is in order.” Odage waited while Caleb got up and procured another glass, filled it halfway with the red liquid then handed it to him. He raised it. “A toast.” Caleb extended his glass. “To finding the amulet.” Odage pulled the red stone from his pocket and placed it on the table.

“My liege, this is wonderful news. I know how long you’ve been searching for it.” He leaned in closer. “What happens next? Do you sell it to the highest bidder?”

Odage smirked. “Perhaps.” He would keep his master’s plans close to his chest, not even Caleb would be entrusted with the information. “But first, we must rid ourselves of the vampires. Prepare to burn down Vandeldor if you must.”

Caleb tipped his head. “Wouldn’t it be wise to find their queen’s murderer? I’d be honored to clear your name.”

Odage narrowed his gaze. “Fuck them. They dare accuse me, Queen Daria’s closest ally, of killing her? You know as well as I that they will never stop hunting me. Even if they were successful in catching me, they wouldn’t stop there. They will massacre our race.”

“Perhaps, but we are stronger than they are.”

“Yes, but I fear they have the gods on their side.”

Caleb furrowed his brows then nodded. “As you wish then. I will devise a plan to take them out.”

“Good, I knew I could count on you.” He raised his glass again. “To the death of our enemies.”

* * *

Lileta listened to the conversation between Caleb and Odage until she thought she would vomit. She despised them both and, if given a chance, would rid the world of their stench. When Odage had finally exited their domicile, she relaxed slightly. She recalled Caleb’s earlier actions and was dumbfounded by them. Why had he rescued her from the sure death Odage would have meted out?

The Draki leader had tied her to a post and whipped her. It was her punishment for freeing the guardian Marcus, who Odage held prisoner. When she thought he would end her life, Caleb had stepped forward. It wasn’t until later she’d learned he had requested her for himself. So here she was, in his tent, cuffed to his bed.

She gazed at the Draki while he finished sucking the meat off a drumstick. If circumstances were different, she would find the man downright sexy. His tousled, dark blond hair and eyes that went from brown to green, depending on his mood, lent a sense of mystery to the dragon. Even his scent made her skin tight. Leather with a tinge of spice tossed in for good measure. When the goddess Qadira created the dragons, she had really outdone herself.

There had been a time when the Draki were allies with the guardians. Something happened in the years that she’d been gone to change that. The animosity between the species sickened her. Bile sat at the back of her throat, but she forced it down. It didn’t matter how attractive this man was. They could never be. She was a Kothar demon and he a dragon. Everything about her was poisonous to his species.

She lifted her chin. “What do you intend to do with me?”

He looked up from the chunk of meat still left on his plate. He studied her and his gaze filled with lust. She was accustomed to the reaction. Men found her species irresistible. It was why she’d been taken as a teen so many years ago and sold into slavery. She despised all those who’d used her.

“Whatever I fucking wish.” He went back to his meal.

“You know Odage lies to you.”

His lip curled into a snarl, and he tossed the bone to the floor. “I could kill you for that comment.”

Her nostrils flared. “Do it. You don’t frighten me, I welcome death,” she lied. Would give anything to see her family one last time and tell them all how much she loved them. She would die with honor, but if ever the chance presented itself, she would fight. Her body was tired, the only thing that kept her going were the other women. The humans Odage used to birth his spawn. She’d already lost Veronica, the first slave brought to her to care for. The woman had died in childbirth. Lileta needed to find a way to save the others and prayed to the gods every day that Baal and Marcus would come.

“I think I’d rather watch you suffer than take the easy way out.”

She curled her lip. “Odage killed Daria. He so much as admitted it and has no intention of selling that amulet. He bargains with the spawn of Hell, and only the gods know what they’re planning.”

Before she could exhale, he was in front of her, his fingers wrapped around her throat.

“Why did you save me, dragon?” she whispered, watching his eyes swirl. The green flecks came together and made the most beautiful emerald. He released his grip and grabbed a lock of her hair. Letting it slide through his fingers, he brought it to his nose. She held her breath and tried to steady her heartbeat.

Why does he affect me like this? I despise him.

She wanted to touch him in the most intimate way.

“I must protect you,” he whispered.

“What?” He must be deranged. Why in the hell would he want to protect me? There had to be an ulterior motive.

He released her hair, his eyes transformed back to brown, he reached for the handcuff and unlocked it. “We will be leaving here at dawn. Get some rest. Take the bed and don’t even think of trying to escape.” He stood and walked toward the exit. “I’ll sleep outside,” he announced before he disappeared out the door.

She rubbed her wrist, her brow creased in confusion. She had no intention of escaping, knowing as long as she wore the silver bands he’d find her. No, her only way out was to be rescued, or for Caleb to set her free. She laughed. He wasn’t likely to let her go. She pulled the covers back and crawled into bed, exhausted from trying to heal the wounds Odage had inflicted.

* * *

Caleb stormed from the tent. 

What the fuck is wrong with me?

Slipping his fingers through his hair, he began to pace a trench in the sand. He should have killed her for the lies she spoke about his leader. A Draki would never tolerate such insolence. So, why had he? After all, there was no way Odage had taken the vampire queen’s life. They’d been allies before the guardian king had accused Odage of murder. No, someone else performed the task and tried to pin it on Odage. One who wanted to start a war between the Draki and the guardians. The only problem was...he had no clue who.

Caleb stopped and lowered himself to the ground, his ass sinking into the cool sand. He stared at the tent then closed his eyes. He could hear her breathing, the quiet, steady breath of sleep. His body wanted to go to her, comfort her, and make love to her. His mind said he was a fucking lunatic. He scanned across the landscape and took in the surroundings. He focused on the tall, wooden pole sunk into the ground. The damn image of Lileta’s restrained body replayed in his mind. The whack of the dirise when Odage beat her rang in his ears. The metal discs had dug into her skin, creating deep wounds across her soft flesh. Caleb had nearly come unglued, wanting to kill his leader. Instead, he’d managed his anger and asked to keep the slave for himself. Odage agreed, had thought Caleb deserved the gift for his loyalty. Caleb didn’t feel loyal at the moment. His body betrayed him with desire for one he couldn’t have. A woman who despised him.

“I must have been hit on the head and not realized it.”

It was the only explanation he could come up with for wanting the demon.

“She is beautiful. No virile male would be able to resist her.”

Her golden, cat-like eyes were complemented by the silky, black hair that flowed down to her round ass. Pouty, red lips begged to be kissed, and large, firm breasts to be fondled. His cock stiffened.


He jumped to his feet. “And like an idiot, I stand out here talking to myself.”

Bones shifted and scales rippled along his skin. Sand swirled upward creating a tunnel around him. He shot through it, his dragon taking flight. He needed to put several miles between them and perhaps find a warm female to lay beneath him. The cool air slid across his skin as he glided high above the desert, but it did nothing to squelch his temper or desire. He fought the urge to return to her but found he was unable to leave her alone. Fear sat like a lead ball in his gut, what if someone tried to harm her? He banked a hard right and headed back toward his temporary accommodations. Landing in the soft sand of the Egyptian desert, he stared at his tent. It was going to be a long, cold night.

* * *

Lileta stretched, searing pain shot across her side and caused her to hiss. The door to the barracks flew open with a loud thud and revealed a pink sky. Only a shadow filled the doorway, but she knew by the size that it was Caleb.

“What’s wrong?” His voice rough as the sand outside.

“Nothing.” She tried to ignore him.

The Draki stepped in, letting the door slam closed behind him. With the blinding light removed from her eyes, she noted he wore only a pair of jeans. His bronze chest covered with flawless skin and corded muscles. With the exception of a long scar across his stomach, he was perfect. She could only guess at the devastating blow that left the pink, raised line from the bottom of his left rib down to his right hip. Someone must have tortured him then kept him from healing. Immortals never scarred.

He caught her gaze and looked down at the old wound. His fingers curled into his palms and nostrils flared. “I asked you a question.”

She flung her feet over the edge of the bed and winced. “And I gave you an answer.” He was such a snarly beast.

Caleb moved beside her so quickly her breath caught. Grabbing her tee, he lifted it to spy the angry wound that had yet to heal. A deep gash just under her ribs.

“You’re still injured.”

She reached to push the shirt down. Her fingers grazed across his and sent searing heat over her skin. She lifted her gaze to meet emerald eyes. 

He leaned closer.

She swallowed.

Hot breath caressed her cheek. 

He appeared torn as if he wanted to kiss her. She should allow him. After all, it would be easy to let their saliva mix, transferring her poison into the dragon’s system. True, it would take hours to kill one of his size, but then she’d be free to escape. Instead, she looked away and pulled her shirt down and wondered what the hell was wrong with her.

“It’s nothing. It will heal.” Her voice cracked, and she fought to control her breathing.

He jumped from the bed and stormed to a chest in the corner. Kneeling, he flung open the lid, tossed its contents into the air like a child looking for a favorite toy until finally he found the prize. He freed a small, wooden box, stood and strode back to her.

“Remove your shirt,” he commanded.

She furrowed her brows. “I will not.” She might be a slave, but at least she would remain a clothed one.

He set the box on the bed and opened it to reveal some bandages, latex gloves, scissors and a small, crystal jar. He grabbed a glove and pulled it onto his right hand. “Either you remove your shirt, or I’ll do it for you. Believe me, you will not like what’s left of it should I do it myself.”

“Fine.” She grabbed the hem and pulled the flimsy, pink tee over her head. Left with only her shorts and a pink, lace bra that formed over her breasts like a second skin, she couldn’t help noticing the bulge growing in his jeans.

“Christ,” he mumbled as he knelt to the floor.

She hid a grin. I hope you suffer, Dragon.

He opened the jar to reveal a thick, black paste. Dipping a gloved finger inside, he scooped out a dime-size glob then proceeded to glide it across her wound. The coolness soothed the cut, numbing it along the way, but searing heat from his touch burned her, causing her to grit her teeth.

“What is that?”

He looked up. “An old family recipe.” He reached for a bandage, tore open the package and gently taped it over the wound.

She snorted. “Then why didn’t you use it on your own wound?” She motioned to the old scar across his belly.

He stood, lip curling to reveal white teeth. With a flick of his wrist, the glove came off and landed in the corner. He turned and headed for the door, but not before she caught the hurt in his eyes.

“Pack up. We’re leaving this shit hole.” He exited, letting the barracks door slam behind him. There was more to his scar than a thin, red line. Whatever it was ran deep inside him. For the first time in years, her heart ached and it pained for Caleb.

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