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Of Blood and War (Prequel)

Of Blood and War (Prequel)

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He stole her heart.

She is his obsession.

And three makes war.

Nina might have been born a lowland fae, but the queen took notice of the power she carried and gave her the title of Lady. Growing up in the royal court, much of her time was spent with the two princes but her heart belonged to the eldest, Jarrah. One day, he will become king but until then he belongs to her, and she will cherish every moment, they have together.

Jarrah has been groomed his entire life for the moment he will wear the crown. Nina has been a worthy distraction turned obsession. He cannot get her out of his blood, which is why he forbids her to marry his younger brother, Micah.

Micah knows the tricks his brother plays with the fair Nina’s heart, and it pains him to stand by and bear witness. His own love for the Lady Nina has grown since they played together as children, and he intends to marry her himself no matter what Jarrah might decree.

Jarrah will unleash an evil the fae realm has never seen before, and Micah must battle his brother and the monsters he creates. Amid it all is the fair Nina who holds her own dark secrets. The fae realm of Drudora will never be the same. Ripped apart by blood and war, only the strongest will survive and leave a legacy for the future.

Author’s Note: This novella is not a conventional romance. It contains a love triangle, deceit and even infidelity. This is a fantasy-based prequel that has a happy for now ending and shows important events that shape the world Beyond The Mist. The rest of the books in the series follow the romance trope and a HEA. Please keep this in mind when deciding to read this story.

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