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Salvation (Book 3)

Salvation (Book 3)

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"Where fate leaves its mark, the path to one's true mate is woven through the heart's deepest desires and darkest fears."

In the shadowed ruins of a world ravaged by demons and plague, Wolfe, an ex-Navy Seal turned vampire, faces his most personal mission yet. Tasked with leading a group of survivors to a safe haven in Kentucky, he grapples with more than just the loss of communication with his group; he's haunted by parts of his past he can’t recall and a future he didn't choose.

Aurora, waking up as a vampire with fragmented memories, discovers that Wolfe, the man she once loved, is responsible for her transformation. Abandoned and enraged, she finds solace under the tutelage of a demon named Lilith, learning to harness her new, dark abilities in the desolate streets of a once great city.

Their paths cross again under the most unexpected circumstances. Wolfe, burdened with the responsibility of navigating the treacherous journey to Kentucky. Aurora, still reeling from Wolfe's betrayal and her own vampiric birth, is torn between past affections and the fact another woman is carrying his child. Now, Wolfe and Aurora must confront the haunting reality of their past and the uncertain promise of their future.

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