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Taken By Fury (Book 3)

Taken By Fury (Book 3)

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Zander's determined to locate his missing brother Orien, the middle prince of Atlantis, whatever the consequences. Abducting the sexy scientist from Zolar's labs seems to be his only hope of learning the whereabouts of his brother and their people, yet what he discovers about her is the last thing he expected.


Sheila is a specialist in her field and planning her wedding when she finds herself taken prisoner by an unknown species and presented before a god who orders she uses her expertise in DNA to aid him in gaining access to a lost city. She knows her life will never be the same and she’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive and hide her secrets.


The enforced closeness between Zander and Sheila ignites passions neither care to acknowledge. He desperately searches for answers as she struggles to protect her identity. A message from ages past suddenly illuminates a clue they hadn't foreseen - throwing a shocking light on their relationship.

Main Tropes

  • Kidnapping
  • Secret Past
  • Enemies to Lovers


Zander is on a determined quest to locate his missing brother, Orien, the middle prince of Atlantis. Abducting a brilliant scientist from Zolar's labs seems to be his only hope of discovering his brother's whereabouts and saving their people. However, what he uncovers about Sheila, the scientist, is entirely unexpected.

Sheila, a specialist in her field who was planning her wedding, finds herself suddenly taken prisoner by an unknown species and presented before a god-like figure who commands her to use her expertise in DNA to help him access a lost city. She realizes that her life will never be the same, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to stay alive and protect her secrets.

As Zander and Sheila are forced into close proximity, their connection ignites passions that neither of them is willing to acknowledge. While he desperately searches for answers about his brother, she struggles to safeguard her true identity. Suddenly, a message from ages past reveals a clue they hadn't anticipated, shedding a shocking light on their relationship.

Intro Into Chapter One

Current Time:

Zander pressed his back against the wall and slid down the corridor. As long as he had something solid behind him, he could remain unseen. No one passing him would take notice unless they stopped for a closer inspection. He was on the trail of the female and was determined to locate her. His gut screamed she was behind Zolar’s baby demon program, and she had the information he wanted. Pity because she was kinda hot.

He came across a door that carried her vanilla scent and showed she’d been in the room behind it recently. He tested the handle.


Pushing it open, he slipped inside. The lights flickered on the moment he entered, and he quietly closed the door behind him. As he cased the small room, he noted a counter, sink, and two cabinets above and below. One chair sat in the corner, but the dead giveaway was the short rolling stool and the exam table. This was definitely a room used to examine females.

His superior hearing detected someone coming, so he slipped behind the door. As luck would have it, it opened, and vanilla filled the room as she entered. Before she could move, he grabbed her by the throat and pinned her against the now closed door.

Icy blue eyes widened and focused on him. Her hair was pulled into an unattractive ponytail that made her cheekbones too prominent for his taste. Her lips, however, were plump and pink. He rather liked them, especially when her tongue darted out and moistened them.

“Who the fuck are you?” Might as well get the introductions out of the way.

“I might ask you the same question,” she snarled.

He tightened his grip. “Funny. I seem to be the one whose hand is clamped around your throat. I could break your neck with minimal effort. A flick of my wrist, if you will.”

“Let me go before the guards show up, and I’ll not mention you were here.” She struggled against his grip.

He laughed. “You’re quite hysterical, considering your guards have lost their heads. Literally.” Fear flashed in her eyes, and she stiffened.

“Who are you?”

“I’m the one asking the questions.” He pressed his body into hers and rather liked the feel. She had curves in all the right places. “Your name?”

“He’ll kill me,” she whispered.

He arched a brow. “Well, you seem to be in a predicament. I’ll kill you if you don’t cooperate, and Zolar will kill you if you talk. Hmm. What to do?” He lifted a shoulder. “I can’t guarantee mine will be any less painful.” The scent of fear tickled his senses. Was she afraid of him, or that ass of a god?

“I didn’t ask to come here.”

“I’m sure you didn’t, but then again, neither did I. If I recall, my brother didn’t ask to be tortured. Nor did my people beg to be held prisoner.” He scratched his chin with his free hand. “I’m also pretty sure my sister-in-law didn’t ask for your invasion of her body.”

Her sexy mouth dropped open. “You... You’re Prince Zander.”

“How do you know I’m not Greydon or Orien?” His patience was tiring, and he wanted answers.

“Because Greydon was never captured, and I know where Orien is.”

Now she had his full attention. “Don’t think you can play me for a fool.”

She tried to shake her head, but his grip was too tight. “Offer me your protection and I can help you.”

Zander hadn’t seen that one coming. The male side of him wanted to pull her close to him so he could protect her, among other things. After all, it had been a long time since he’d been with a woman. The demon part of him didn’t trust a word she said. This female would do anything to survive. Of course, did he have any right to lay blame? He would and had done what was necessary in order to survive himself.

“Why should I believe anything you tell me?”

An alarm blared in the distance. It seemed the god had figured out his prize, Bethany, was missing. At least Zander hoped Fang had freed his mate. The demon was resourceful, if nothing else. Time to speed things up, since he’d soon have to flee.

“They know you’re here,” she whispered.

“Doubtful. The idiots have probably only now realized they have been infiltrated, and the girl is gone.”

Her eyes widened again. “Bethany? They came for her?”

“Apparently, you know nothing about our society. Do you think the protector would allow his mate to be taken from him? Fucking fools. Time has run out, so I have no choice but to take you with me.”

Relief swept over her fine features.

“Don’t think your pretty little neck is out of the woods. I don’t guarantee your safety or that I still won’t kill you.” He let his fangs descend. “I may drink you dry, or perhaps use you as bait to get to Zolar. I’ve yet to decide.” He didn’t miss the fear masking her beauty before he sent out his power and zapped her ass to sleep. It would be much easier to escape with an unconscious female than one screaming and fighting. 

Tossing her over his shoulder, he summoned a portal as he heard an army of footsteps descending down the hall. He jumped in and was pulled away before they could stop him. He needed to find a secure place to keep sleeping beauty where she wouldn’t be found, so he could get back to Greydon and let his brother know he was fine.

* * *

Sheila tried to move, but her limbs refused her commands. Slowly, she opened her eyes and after a couple of blinks to clear the fog, she saw him. He stared at her from a chair, and she returned the favor. It was then she realized her wrists were bound and tied above her head to a headboard. Also, her skirt had hiked up so high it threatened to show what color her panties were. Had he done that to her? She glared even harder.

“Let me go!”

“Not today.” His voice was void of any emotion.

She moved her gaze around the room, but it was an odd place. The walls looked like smooth colored stone and it smelled of minerals and earth. “Where am I?”

“I suppose it won’t hurt to tell you. Underground. This place is where my brother hid. Only way out is by magic and last I knew you were lacking in that area.” He raised a brow and skimmed her body. “Though you’re not lacking in many others.”

She opened her mouth to speak, then slammed it shut. Forcing down her panic, she replaced it with determination. She was free of Zolar. This demon could do no worse to her. “If you plan to rape me, get on with it.”

He laughed. “I have no such plan.” Lifting a shoulder. “You’re not my type.” He stood and pulled his shirt off.

“What are you doing?” She fought to keep the panic from her voice.

He edged closer until he towered over her.

“W-what are you doing? I said before I would help you.” She pulled on her ropes. “There’s no need to tie me up.”

He sat on the edge of the bed. “Good. Let’s start with where Garret is. Is the asshole still out there abducting women for Zolar’s experiments?”

“I don’t know. He moves around a lot.”

He leaned closer and ran his fingers up her naked thigh. She tried to jerk away, but it only caused her skirt to ride higher and show her red panties.

“Stop touching me,” she snarled.

“Then stop lying to me.”

“I’m not lying.” She bit her lip as he moved his hand within inches of her sex. “I thought I didn’t have to worry about you raping me? Who’s the liar now?”

He smiled. “I won’t ever have sex with an unwilling woman, but you... The room is filled with the scent of your arousal.”

Her gaze narrowed, and her hatred of this demon grew. “You’re disgusting.” But in reality she was the one who was revolting because he was right. She was aroused. The man, or demon in this case, held a sexual appeal that would knock any woman on her ass. It was more than his black curly hair that fell over stormy gray eyes. Or the scruff that wrapped around plump lips and a hardened jaw. It was almost as if he held some kind of power over her, then she realized. He did! Zander was a demon and who knew what kind of magic he could perform. Still, something about him was very familiar to her.

He leaned in closer until his lips were inches from her ear. “No more than you, sweetheart.” 

“I would never willingly desire you. You’re working some kind of demon magic on me.” The swell of her breasts rose with her rapid breaths, and of course, he stared.

“I could, but I’m not. The desire is all yours. Apparently, you haven’t been fucked in a while.”

“Anyone tell you you’re crass? I would have thought a prince would have better manners.”

He leaned back. “None have dared, and my manners are exactly as they should be when dealing with an enemy.”

“Oh, I see. You’re the spoiled little prince who can do no wrong.” She stared him down. Her defiance was likely going to be her downfall.

“Make no mistake.” His voice dropped to a low hiss. “I’m your worst fucking nightmare. Talk quickly and tell me where my brother is, and I might be lenient. Fuck with me and I won’t care you’re a woman when I mete out your punishment.”

Her fear came back tenfold. “There is a compound. I swear I don’t know if Orien is still there, but he was a few days ago. There are also female demons being held as well.”

“Finally. Was that so hard?” 

She told him everything she knew about the compound and where it was located. No sooner had she finished speaking, he vanished, leaving her who knew where and for how long.

Again, she fought against her restraints, but it was useless. She was stuck here, until someone came and set her free. Maybe that was his plan? Leave her here to die a slow, agonizing death from dehydration. Just the thought of it made her thirsty.


She dozed off and with no idea the time of day, or even what day it was now. She was awakened by the smell of food and Zander untying her wrists.

“Here, you need to eat.” He tossed a bag on the bed and two bottles of water. 

She twisted the cap off one and drank half of it down before she tore open the bag. She attacked the fries first. Still hot and crisp, they tasted like heaven.

“How long have I been here?” she managed between bites.

“Only a few hours.”

She went for the burger and god that first bite was almost orgasmic. He must have done something to the food. Either way, she scarfed it down like it might be her last meal. For all she knew, it was. Finally finished, she wiped her face and hands with the supplied napkins.

“Thank you. Did you find your brother?”


“I don’t suppose you’re letting me go then.”

“Smart woman.”

“Will Zolar not find me here?” Her worst fear was that god and the vengeance he might extract once he located her. She was his best asset, and he would not be pleased at losing her.

“Not likely. He never located Greydon when he lived here.”

“Where is this place, anyway?” She felt like she was in a cave and there was even a pool of deep blue water to prove she might be right.

He didn’t reply, instead he rose and grabbed her wrists and the rope. She kicked him.

“No! If I can’t escape, then why tie me up?”

“To make you suffer.”

Those were the last words she heard before she dozed off.

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