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Taken By Storm (Book 2)

Taken By Storm (Book 2)

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Fang’s enemies made one fatal mistake. They took his mate. Knowing she is the key to unlock what he always believed was a myth, the demon leaves a path of destruction in his wake to find her.

When her best friend disappears, Bethany gets pulled into a world of demons and the fabled Atlantis. Never did she dream one night of hot passion with a sexy protector would lead to life-changing events.

She wears a mask of bravado to fool her captors. He bridges the gap between realms to save her. Together they will become the most powerful protectors of the Lost City.

Main Tropes

  • Woman in Peril
  • Alpha Hero
  • Secret Baby


In "Taken By Storm," Fang's enemies make a grave mistake when they take his mate. Recognizing that she holds the key to unlocking what he had always believed to be a myth, Fang, a determined demon, embarks on a relentless quest, leaving destruction in his wake to find her.

Bethany, initially pulled into a world of demons and the legendary Atlantis when her best friend goes missing, could never have imagined that one night of passionate connection with a sexy protector would lead to life-altering events.

With unwavering courage, Bethany hides behind a mask of bravado to deceive her captors. Meanwhile, Fang bridges the gap between realms to rescue her. Together, they are destined to become the most powerful protectors of the Lost City, in a thrilling tale of love, sacrifice, and destiny.

Intro Into Chapter One

One year later

Fang stretched out his wings as he looked down on the destruction he’d left in his wake. Blood flowed like a river over the rocks, and body parts were strewn across the landscape. A Concosa demon’s head lay at his feet. Its eyes still stared at him in disbelief.

“Stupid fucker.” What made them think they could take his woman and not feel his wrath? He’d tracked Bethany night and day since her disappearance from Oshivana. For the last week, he’d thought he’d been close to finding her. Zolar had left enough clues to send him on a chase straight into a dead-end. When he’d come across a small army of the god’s warriors, he’d slain them all.

“Damn. Did you do all this?”

Fang looked over at his king, who had appeared beside him. “Of course. Wouldn’t you have done the same if they had taken your mate?”

Greydon’s eyes darkened. “I will never hesitate to kill any who intend her harm. I guess I’ve never seen such destruction from a Daldara. Remind me to never piss you off.”

“When we choose our mate, nothing stands in our way. I guess it would be safe to say I have chosen,” Fang stated. He wasn’t ready to divulge that it had really been fate that had chosen. The reasoning behind it was a guarded secret. At least for now. 

“I also made a vow to Zolar’s henchmen the day your parents were killed.” Fang looked into his king’s eyes. “Call it two birds and one stone, but all the more reason for me to kill the lot of them.”

Greydon gave a nod. There were unspoken words but it was understood. Fang would use whatever means at his disposal to seek vengeance. “Bethany is a lovely girl, and you know I will do anything to help you locate her.”

Fang kicked the Concosa’s head out of his sight. “I appreciate that, but you have a duty. You and the prince need to find your brother as well as the others. Speaking of—does Zander have any leads on that shithead Garret?” 

Garret had been the one to abduct Aimee, thus revealing an entire organization Zolar had set up to try and artificially inseminate human females. The god seemed to think if he combined the right demon DNA, he could create a child who would allow him to gain entry into Oshivana. While Fang should be the one hunting Garret, Zander had sought him out and offered to assist. Fang understood the young prince’s wish to seek retribution. They also both agreed Greydon must remain close to his mate, and it was paramount they find the netting used to contain them and destroy it.

Greydon curled his lip. “None so far, but we both believe he will slip up soon. I need to kill the bastard for his treatment of my mate. Besides, the humans involved can’t lay low forever. Zolar may have the scepter, but he still can’t get into the city without the right DNA code. I don’t think he’s there yet.”

“We cannot become complacent. Something tells me he will find a way.” Fang scratched the dark stubble on his chin. He hadn’t showered in a week, not that he really cared. “Our queen will discover the secret of the scepter. Aimee is a bright woman.” He glanced at his leader. “You made a wise choice. The people will love her.”

“How the hell am I supposed to allow my wife to battle with a god? The very thought sets my teeth on edge,” Greydon growled.

“No idea. That one’s on you, but I’m thinking you don’t have much choice. Least not after the conversation with Uuna,” Fang responded. A recent artifact had led Aimee and Greydon to the place where the goddess Uuna was imprisoned. Apparently, she had revealed how Aimee would kill Zolar. With the discovery of seven artifacts, Aimee would gain power from each until she was able to take out the threat then release Uuna from prison.

Right. Easy peasy.

* * *

Bethany sat in the chair, refusing to look at the table covered with paper on the other side of the room. She also refused to undress and don the gown, which sat folded on said table. Instead, she crossed her arms, hugging herself, and stared at the door. Waiting. The stark white walls closing in on her.

She hugged herself tighter, wishing it were Fang’s strong arms instead of her own. The last thing she recalled was helping Aimee after Greydon and Fang had left to search for the lab where Aimee had been held. With her memory clouded on how she had come to this unfamiliar place, she was certain Zolar or one of his minions had slipped her a mickey or had done some kind of mind meld trick. Her temples pounded, also confirming her suspicions. All she could think about was the last conversation she had with that ass of a demon god. The thought of being impregnated by a demon made her want to vomit.

The door handle turned, and she pushed further into the chair. The fetal position sounded good about now; instead, she straightened and pulled her shoulders back ready to meet whomever it was head-on.

A tall woman wearing a pair of drab, green scrubs entered. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail so tight, she figured the woman's head had to hurt.

“Why are you still dressed?” A dark brow, indicating the woman was nowhere near a real blonde, arched over her ice blue eyes.

Bethany dug for courage. “I would think it’s rather obvious.”

The woman shoved her hands onto her hips and let out a sigh. “I don’t have time for your bullshit. So either strip and put on the damn gown, or I'll send somebody in to do it for you. Your blood results came back and said you’re ready to be inseminated.”

Swallowing, Bethany debated what to do. She hadn't forgotten about the big demon who had shoved her into the room earlier and told her to change. Was that who the woman would send in now? The thought of what they were about to do to her caused bile to burn the back of her throat.

“Why are you doing this?”

The ice queen walked to the exam table and grabbed the gown. With a jerking motion, she snapped it until it unfolded and threw it at Bethany. “If you think I was joking about having you forcibly undressed, you seriously underestimate me. As far as why I'm doing this? I have a job to do, and I rather like keeping my head attached to my shoulders. Now, shall we try again?”

The woman was definitely all attitude, and the tone in her voice indicated she wasn’t someone to mess with. However, Bethany wondered about her statement concerning keeping her head attached. Was she here against her will as well? 

Forcing her body to cooperate, Bethany rose from her seat and kicked off her shoes. “Does that mean you’re a prisoner here too?”

The woman simply peered at her before she responded. “Just hurry the fuck up.”

Bethany pulled her T-shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor. Next, she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her hips. Stepping out of them until she stood only in her bra and panties, her arms instinctively crossed over her half-naked body. The woman sighed even louder.

“Everything. Off.”

Bethany’s hands shook, but somehow she managed to unhook her bra and toss it with the rest of her clothes then slipped off her panties. She quickly grabbed the gown, shoving her arms through the holes and wrapped it around her. “Satisfied?” She couldn't help letting a little attitude of her own come through.

Dr. Ice Queen sneered at her. “On the table. I'm sure you know the procedure.”

Bethany followed the command, even though her body wanted to rebel and run the other way. There was no place to go so she climbed on the table, lay back, and stuck her feet into the dreaded stirrups. Her heart pounded loudly in her ears until it beat so fast her fingers started to tingle. She was headed for a full on panic attack as she recalled Aimee’s tale of her own abduction. Likely the same doctor too from the description Aimee had given. Her friend had been examined to see if she was a candidate to carry a demon baby. Bethany however, was about to become a human surrogate.

Zolar’s words rang back in her ears, and her heart beat even faster.

Bethany had to find a way to calm herself or she’d go over the edge. Passing out was not an option, but she considered it for a moment. Not knowing what they did to her could be a good thing. No, I need to stay in control. I may not be able to stop them, but I have to know what they do to me. She thought about something else, or rather someone else. 


Bethany had never been one to believe in soul mates, and she wasn’t even sure she believed in true love, but there had been a connection between her and the demon. Forget he was hotter than sin. Hell, if sin had an avatar it would be a picture of Fang. Still, she couldn’t help but wonder if there was something to it. To them.

Taking in a deep breath, she let it out and continued to exhale even though there was no air left in her lungs. She reminded herself to slow her breathing. She wasn't going to die and would get through this. Maybe if she just talked to the woman.

“I thought things like this had to be done in a more sterile environment?”

The doctor gave a short laugh. “This isn't that complicated. Besides, these demons have far superior technology than we humans do.” The doctor pulled the ultrasound machine closer, and Bethany heard the door open. Another woman wearing scrubs stepped in.

“Sorry I’m late.” 

Dr. Ice glared at her. “Just get to work.”

The brunette nodded then gripped the bottle of gel and squirted some on Bethany’s abdomen. Next, she grabbed the transducer and slid it across Bethany’s skin. Both the nurse and doctor stared at the screen. 

“Right there,” the doctor said. “Hold that position.”

Bethany held her breath as she felt the invasion.

“You tested as fertile, so the chances you will conceive are very good. However, you should know that no one has carried to full term successfully yet. The demons seem to think if they could get into Atlantis, then humans would bear children without issue. However, they can’t so we’re trying Zolar’s home world to see if that helps.” She flashed a grin. “You’re our first test subject.”

Wonderful. “I always wanted to be a guinea pig.” Bethany wasn’t sure if she should be relieved or fearful. There was a good chance she would miscarry, but for some reason the thought made her a little sad. It wasn't the child's fault these people were crazy. Would Fang look at her differently if she were carrying another man’s child? 

“Who's the father?” Why do I want to know? Pictures of birthing a two-headed creature with red skin and horns sent her pulse racing again.

Dr. Ice laughed. “Don't worry, he's a fine specimen. A warrior if I'm to understand correctly. Of course, I believe all of these demons consider themselves warriors.” She patted Bethany on the shin. “You can sit up now, we're all done.” 

Bethany didn't waste any time pulling her feet from the stirrups and scooting back on the table. She was a bit surprised. There had been no pain, and she didn't know why she had expected any. “That's it?” The other woman wiped the gel from her skin with a towel.

The doctor raised a brow. “You expected more? Yes, that's it, so now we wait and will test you in twenty-four hours.” The woman snapped off her gloves and tossed them into the trash bin. “Fortunately, demon babies grow much faster than humans. If we get lucky, and you're one of the few to carry to full term, you'll be giving birth in about five months.”

* * *

Everywhere Fang went, he left a trail of destruction behind him, but it hadn’t brought him any closer to finding Bethany. When had he started giving a shit about the petite blonde? She’d been an annoyance from the second they met. Stabbing him in the back when he’d shown up at Aimee’s apartment, in search of Aimee. Greydon had tasked him to keep the human safe.

Then Bethany had tagged along as he continued on the hunt for Aimee and had remained a thorn in his side. The female was feisty though, and he had found that sexy as hell. As far as when he’d decided to make her his? He knew exactly when it happened. The wild night they’d spent in each other’s arms. Sexual tension had flared between them from day one, and finally they’d given in to it. Afterward, he knew she belonged to him. His instinct had shouted then to claim her as his mate, but he pushed it aside, thinking they both needed time. Time had run out and now she was gone.

He flexed his fingers and drove back his fear. He had to keep a clear head. Fang was Daldara, a deadly demon who could shut off emotion when necessary, and right now, fear was not his friend. Anger drove him, even though he still didn’t understand why fate had chosen her. Bethany was a human and as they had discovered, not even one who carried the demon DNA. 

He shook his head as he stared at his latest kills. It was not for him to question why fate had chosen a blonde-haired, blue-eyed sassy human for his mate. He would find her, and he would make Bethany his and pity anyone who stood in his path.

Trying to detect her trail, he opened his senses again, but it stopped here—in the middle of a meadow in the human realm, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. She had simply vanished into thin air. Or more likely, Zolar had taken her to another world, which would make tracking harder but not impossible. While he waited for the bodies of the demons he’d slain to turn to ash and blow away, he reached inward and opened communication, hoping to contact his father. He’d tried many times but was always greeted with silence.

Moyabbi. He summoned in his native tongue.


His heart leapt at finally making contact, and he struggled with what to ask first. Father, I need your help. 

What can I do, my son?

I have found my mate, and Zolar has taken her. I've lost her trail so can only assume she's been taken to another realm. He waited in silence, watching the ashes from the dead demon bodies blow in the wind.

I see. I would surmise then, he has brought her here to his home. 

Here? Where are you, Father?

In a prison in Zolar’s realm.

Fang would have stumbled had he not been standing still. Fear clawed into his back and took a death grip. His father and his mate under Zolar’s roof spelled disaster. What was the god doing to them? 

Are you hurt, Father?

I am fine.

Fang knew better. The god wouldn’t have a protector under his roof only to wine and dine him. He sensed his father lied. I will come for both of you.

This is a dangerous place. Do you have any warriors with you?

Warriors? No. Fang snorted. Who the hell was he going to have with him anyway? He refused to drag his king away from his new bride and into danger. Not to mention, Greydon had his own issues to deal with. Like finding his brother, Orien, and the rest of their people. 

No Father, I have no one with me, and I know my duty lies with the king. Shame came over him for even thinking of leaving Greydon and Aimee without protection. His sense of honor was torn, but he couldn’t be in two places at once, and instinct that drilled bone deep demanded he find his mate.

Son, I know Greydon, and he will grant his blessing. A mate is a very special gift. What is her name?

Bethany. Even the thought of her name sent his fear spiking. What were they doing to her?

Then I will try and find out anything I can about her welfare.

Thank you, Moyabbi. For the sake of my sanity, I hope you find her well. Goddess help us all if you don’t.

I do too, son. I know all too well what you’re capable of, and I imagine, if prophecy holds true, then your power has grown. We will speak again.

Fang broke the connection. He knew it took a lot of effort on his father's part to communicate with him, and guilt rested heavy on his shoulders. However, he had the good news that he knew where both his father and his mate were being held. It was also likely there were others there, maybe even Orien, Greydon’s eldest brother. 

He took in a breath and turned his gaze to the mountain peaks. “Prophecy. Who would have thought I would become the Fated one along with a slip of a human.” 

Fang recalled the stories recited at bedtime by his mother and sometimes his father. They always started with a Great War that separated the people. A new king would rise, and his protector would gain immense power from the joining of his mate. A human female. In a nutshell, Fang’s power had gone into overdrive right after the first time he and Bethany had sex. The markings on his body had actually changed slightly. To most, it would go unnoticed, but Fang had seen the difference right away. The tattoo had darkened, and he suspected after he mated, they would change completely. For some reason, his marks were tied directly to his power. 

He should be brimming with honor at having been chosen. Instead, dread filled him. He had to get Bethany back for so many reasons. Heading into Zolar's territory was a huge risk, but one he was willing to take. Preparations needed to be done though, and one of the first things would be to tell Greydon where he was going and what he had learned.

Closing his eyes, he locked on to the signature that belonged to his king. He shifted and took flight into the sky. His wings moved up and down, displacing the air around him. With one last look across the valley that teemed with lush grass and an abundance of flora, Fang was satisfied no one would ever guess blood had been spilled only moments ago, so he made a hasty retreat, following the path of the DNA link that led him back to Greydon. 

“Hang on Bethany. I'm coming to get you.”

He only hoped Bethany was unharmed. Would she be happy to see him? There was no doubt she would, but her reasons would be far different from his. He was certain, when he went to stake his claim, she'd be pissed as hell.

* * *

Bethany cringed as the god towered over her. Fiery eyes pierced into her from a head that bore two pointed horns. He was a combination of black smoke and bones whipped into a frenzy of fire and evil, and she’d never feared for her life more. It was hard to imagine the goddess Uuna had seen anything attractive enough in him to marry. He must have displayed a grand show to deceive her. Bethany didn’t know the entire story, only that once he had wed the goddess, he killed her father and tried to take over Atlantis. Or as the demons called it, Oshivana. Apparently, that was when all hell broke loose.

“W-what do you want with me?” Her voice refused to be anything more than a squeak. She would have loved to show confidence, but she was a far cry from feeling it. Bethany also worried about Aimee and wondered where she was. The thought of her best friend being harmed, or worse, made her stomach lurch. Aimee was the only true friend she’d ever had. More of a sister actually, she would do anything for her. Digging for courage, Bethany lifted her chin.

“Where’s Aimee?” she demanded with more conviction than her previous question.

Zolar laughed. “I had no need of her so I left her behind. It’s you I wanted. The one destined to mate with the Prince.”

“What makes you think I’m his mate?”

“You hold the scepter.”

She opened her mouth to correct him then thought better of it. Yes, she had been the one holding the scepter. Aimee had handed it to her to put away for safekeeping. Let him believe I’m Greydon’s mate. If what he said were true, then Aimee was safe. He didn’t need to know Bethany was a big, fat nobody that no one cared about. “Greydon will come for me.”

He laughed again. “I’m hoping he will, then I can destroy him.” He suddenly took on the appearance of a man rather than the monster he actually was. Cold, blue eyes reflected the evil lurking inside him. “Besides, once he realizes you carry another demon’s child, he’ll no longer want you. He’ll believe you’ve fucked another and likely wish to kill you.”

Her back stiffened and bile coated her throat. Did he know something she didn’t? Was it possible for her to be pregnant already? Her mind went back to the invasion of her body only hours ago. Zolar was a god and perhaps he was capable of telling such things. Bethany glanced around the room. Bare walls in a dirty shade of white matched the floor beneath her feet. No furniture, nothing to be used as a weapon. As if she stood a chance against Zolar anyway. Even if by some miracle she escaped, the demon who had taken her from Atlantis had whispered something about going to Zolar’s realm. She was fairly certain they were no longer in her world. Hell, she could be on another planet for that matter. 

Her only hope was Aimee. She knew no one else would come looking for her, and her best friend would insist that Greydon and maybe even Fang begin a search. The very thought of Fang both warmed her insides and frightened her. They had only spent a short time together, but he had affected her. She tried to push him from her mind. The man was out of her league. A demon for God’s sake, not to mention he was a protector to the king, and she was nothing but a mere human. Still, she hoped he would want to find her.

She scanned the room again. Bethany was on her own for the time being and would have to do whatever it took to survive.

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