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The Fae King (Book 4)

The Fae King (Book 4)

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The Fae King: A Fated Mates Paranormal Romance

King Trevan, ruler of the light fae, is bound by destiny to Amber, a dark fae princess with a past shrouded in secrets. Their union is a forbidden love, a clash of opposing worlds, and a threat to the fragile peace between their kingdoms.


Can Trevan overcome his hatred for Amber's family and embrace the mate fate has chosen for him? Can Amber forgive the betrayal that binds their pasts? Their love may be the key to uniting their people and fulfilling an ancient prophecy.


  • Forbidden Love: A passionate romance between a light fae king and a dark fae princess, enemies by blood, lovers by destiny.
  • Ancient Prophecy: A looming threat that can only be averted by the union of Trevan and Amber.
  • Clashing Worlds: A captivating tale of two kingdoms on the brink of war, with love as the only hope for peace.

Journey into a world of magic, passion, and forbidden love. Click "Add to Cart" now and uncover the secrets of "The Fae King"!

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In "The Fae King," an intricate tale unfolds where love and destiny collide against a backdrop of ancient feuds and prophecies.

King Trevan of the light fae, renowned for his unyielding resolve, faces the ultimate challenge when fate designates his mate. However, this fateful choice shakes him to his core, for his destined partner is none other than the dark fae princess responsible for his father's murder. Struggling with his desire for her, Trevan is torn between his heart's longing and the potential condemnation of his entire kingdom if he accepts her.

Amber, a perpetual fugitive, has spent her life in perpetual fear, constantly looking over her shoulder. Her brother's ascension to the dark fae throne grants her a respite from this existence, but when her destined mate, King Trevan, arrives to claim her, he is far from welcoming. In a twist of fate, she finds herself once again at the mercy of a king, but this time, she holds the power to tip the scales.

Fate has decreed them as mates, and an ominous prophecy foretells the doom of both the light and dark fae realms unless Trevan and Amber reach an accord. Their path to salvation demands more than the transformation of enemies into lovers; they must also unlock the elusive key that can save their worlds from impending catastrophe. In a gripping narrative of love, sacrifice, and destiny, Trevan and Amber embark on a perilous journey to secure the future of their kind.

Intro Into Chapter One

Since the dark fae were back on the radar, everyone in Drudora was edgy, including Trevan. No one really knew the newly coronated fae king, Lucien, other than he was a vampire from Hetus. 

As Trevan stared at the jumbled black mass of ink that formed words he should concentrate on, his mind refused to be still. Spring rain hung in the air, except there was no rain. Hell, it wasn’t even spring. It was the scent of that damned female that still clung to him, reminding him of the distasteful task still ahead. One that was likely to bring the dark fae to his doorstep with swords drawn. 

Learning that the three vampire brothers of Hetus were actually dark fae only made matters worse. King Andrei and his brother Dorin still lived in Hetus, which was far too close for the comfort of many a light fae. Trevan would freely admit while he had supported Lucien in his endeavor to reclaim the dark fae throne, there had been little other choice. It was side with the enemy you knew or face the entire dark fae race. Trevan hadn’t feared the endeavor, but he had his people to think of. While the light fae were a race to be reckoned with, the dark were revered for a power not even he fully understood.

A knock came at his door, and he welcomed whomever it was that tore him from the drudgery of paperwork and the thoughts of her.


The door opened and in walked Elaina. He stared, certain his jaw hung much too low to hide his shock. Remembering protocol, he rose and rounded his desk, then bowed. “Your Majesty.” His former royal protector was now mated to King Lucien, and her title had been quickly changed from consort to queen at the insistence of her mate.

Elaina gave a deep curtsey. “Your Majesty.” She smiled.

“Now that we have formalities out of the way, what the fuck happened to you?” Her once blonde hair was the source of his surprise. From the root and down several inches, it was still the same golden color as before, but then it made an abrupt change to jet black. Her eyes were bluer than he’d ever seen, and he had seen them in many hues. Not only had Elaina been his royal guard, she had been his concubine and long-time friend.

“The bonding has given me some dark fae attributes.”

“Clearly. And power?” While he could sense her power, which was now more than before, she was still weaker than he was. He was a light fae king and few could outdo him.

“You mean do I worship their god? No. I also cannot call upon the darkness as a full, dark fae can, but I draw from Lucien.” She pushed her bottom lip out into a pout. “I can’t shift either.”

“Huh. Maybe it’s your fae blood. How is the new king of Claromond?”

“Busy. He has a lot of trust to rebuild after the fae were under the last king’s rule.”

He gestured to the chairs by the window. “Have a seat and tell me why you are here?” Elaina had already moved all of her possessions and he had relieved her of her royal duties. There had been no choice. Clearly, he couldn’t have a dark fae queen as his guard.

“I came to name my replacement.” She took a seat, crossing her leather-clad legs. 

“Yes. You had mentioned that before your departure. Who do you name as your successor?” They normally handed the position of royal guard to fae who were close with the family and powerful in their own right.

“Ralnor will make an excellent guard. He has been under my tutelage for many years and is more than ready to accept this role.”

Trevan gave a slow nod. “I have seen him and agree with your assessment. I shall make it so immediately. Is there anything else?”

“I feel a void between us, and I don’t like it.”

He raised a brow. “What do you expect? You are the mate of a dark fae. While there has been peace between the fae for many years, there are scars on both sides.”

Her smile was weak. “I understand fully what has transpired over the centuries. Let us not forget the skeletons in our own closet.”

As if he could. His father and uncle had warred with each other for years and tore the light fae apart. Their greed had filled said closet with an entire fucking cemetery. Both men had done things that had cost their race dearly. Trevan’s father had created the vampires and ordered them to Hetus to destroy the fae who had followed Trevan’s uncle, Micah. It was a bloodbath until his uncle evolved them into a more humanoid species. Somewhere during that time, his uncle kidnapped the dark fae princess and forced her to bear him three sons, one of which was now the new dark fae king. To this day, no one knew the real reason behind such treachery. 

“I am well aware of the past. Or did you forget who my relatives are?” His brow jacked up.

“I have not forgotten.”

He rose. “Good. It would be unwise on your part to overlook what my family is capable of. You may now be part of the dark fae, but I am still king, and I will do anything to protect my people, Elaina. You no longer belong to me or Drudora.” He knew his words stung, but they held the truth. When she mated the king and became part of the dark fae, she walked away from the light and into the darkness. Not that he didn’t understand. Giving up a mate that was fated for you was not something to take lightly. Fae were known for their fearless nature, but were also devoted to those they loved. Elaina was now devoted to those he trusted the least. Maybe one day the two factions would finally be at peace. He hoped Lucien was the king that would help usher that in.

Elaina rose, a mixture of tears and fury in her eyes. “I still love my people and you will always hold a place in my heart. Lucien will bring in a new era of peace amongst us all. You will see.” 

“I do hope you are right, but don’t hold your breath.” 

* * *

Amber poured wine into the silver goblet Vezrath held out before stepping back. “Is there anything else, my lord?”

The demon god stared at her through eyes the color of thunderstorms. He was now in human form, which he often was when she served him. Hair the color of a raven’s wing flowed to his shoulders and was a stark contrast against his pale skin. A black rune marked his left bicep, the symbol of a god. On his chest, over his heart, he bore the triangle moon symbol and his right forearm was covered in ever-changing symbols, depending on his mood and the magic he wielded in that moment. If not for the markings and the silver eyes, he would pass for a dark fae. It made sense. After all, they were created in his image. She often wondered what other forms he took after glimpsing him shifting into a large black wolf one evening, his silver eyes reflecting the moonlight.

He produced another silver goblet, sank his fangs into his wrist, and let blood flow into the container. She licked her lips as she watched each drop fall into the cup. The coppery scent caused her stomach to rumble, her body hungry for the nourishment it needed in order to sustain her power. When he offered it, she accepted graciously.

“Thank you, my lord.” She drank the small amount of blood, not needing much as his was potent. It was like drinking liquid lightning and left her charged for weeks. When she finished and set the goblet down, he finally spoke.

“You may have the rest of the day.”

“Thank you.” Amber had taken the place of Elaina, her brother’s mate, when Vezrath demanded payment for Lucien bending time. It was a complicated matter when a dark fae summoned the god’s power. Payment was always required. The past month had proven kinder to her than the last several centuries, where she was always looking over her shoulder. Running from death took its toll and now she could finally relax. Vezrath only required her to perform a few duties each day and then the rest of her time was spent however she chose. Some of which was in his vast library, learning about her own people. She had grown up in the human world without her parents, thanks to a greedy uncle who had wanted the throne for himself.

“Your mate will come soon.”

Amber had felt her mate when she was last with her brothers, but she had no idea who he was. “You know this?” She had told Lucien her mate would come for her, but she had only hoped it was true. Not that she was ready to mate, but she wanted her freedom.

“I sense it.”

“Will I have to mate with him in order to gain my freedom?”

Vezrath moved his silver gaze to her and studied her so long she squirmed. “I do not know what his terms will be. Be warned, you are the one who chose to take the other’s place. Therefore, you will be at my mercy. Do not anger me with your pettiness.”

She swallowed as his power slid over her skin, a reminder of her place. She gave a deep curtsy. “I would never dream of it, my lord. I owe you a debt for taking care of me.”

His power retracted as he gave a slight nod. “You will do well to never forget that. Child.” His last word was a reminder of just how small she was in the universe. She was one dark fae among many, many immortals, and she had been on the run her entire life. There would be no more running. She would face head-on whatever fate lay before her. After all, she was a royal with power of her own and had built a life. Her best friend was a dark fae stuck in the mortal realm, and Amber wanted to bring her people back home to Claromond.

Turning, she left the blood-red walls and black stone floor of his throne room behind her and made her way to the outside. Vezrath’s world was dark except for the two full silver spheres that hung low in the sky. This realm was much like her own, and she raised her face to the moonlight, closing her eyes. Power slid across her skin, and she allowed the shift to take hold of her. She had not been able to release her animal spirits until she had come here. While in the earth realm, the moon had not given her enough power. She had spent far too much time in sunlight which kept her weaker than a dark fae should ever be. Now she saw the world through the eyes of her wolf. The darkness was her friend, and she took off on a run. Her paws pounded the ground yet were completely silent. The world here was quiet, as if it knew a predator was running through the thick forest.

The wind cooled her nose as her pants came out in small white clouds from the chilled air. She had never felt more free in her entire life and she had been around for a long time. Over seven hundred years. A lifetime to be denied this simple freedom. To be unable to wield her fae magic and, most especially, to be denied a life with her people. She wasn’t even certain what it was like to be dark fae any more. Once death had claimed her nanny, she had been alone with only the occasional visit to her mother. The fact she had three younger brothers who she had not been able to help shape their lives tore at her. Even now she was locked away in this prison, unable to get to know who they really were. They were the only thing she had left of her mother.

As painful memories were shoved back down, she ran faster. Soon, the man fated to be hers would come and she would be truly free for the first time in her entire existence.

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