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The Vampire's Fae-signed paperback (book 2)

The Vampire's Fae-signed paperback (book 2)

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An ancient vampire.

A fae princess.

A world beyond the mist.

King’s guard, Roman, battles every day with the demon living inside him. When fate decides after two thousand years to bring the vampire his mate, the timing couldn’t be worse. If he can’t keep the evil inside him at bay, it may destroy everything in his path. Including her.

When a tragic accident causes Harper to gain the ability to heal, she assumes her life can’t possibly get any weirder. When a camping trip doesn’t help clear the EMT’s mind, but lands her in another world, she learns vampires and fae are real. To make matters worse, the fae king of Drudora stakes his claim as her father.

Harper straddles three worlds, Hetus, Drudora and the mortal realm. One wrong step could destroy those she holds dear and ignite an age-old fae war. Roman falls under a powerful spell, and the one who wields the magic wants the demon inside him to kill her. Fate may have decided an ancient vampire and a fae princess belonged together, but it never promised for how long.

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