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Unleash The Darkness (Book 4)

Unleash The Darkness (Book 4)

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He is everything dark in the world.

She is his light, but when she goes missing.

He will make even the most evil beg for mercy.

Being a reaper means Sephtis is bound to both Heaven and Hell. When he is called upon to escort the damned, he unleashes a power even demons fear. It’s only his mate, Evangeline that keeps him from embracing his darkness and he will do anything to keep her safe.

The day Evangeline mated Sephtis, she became a guardian angel. It has been a life filled with everything good in the world until she makes a vow to a dying woman. Disobeying her mate, she tries to fulfill her promise but finds herself pulled into a hell of her own.

Sephtis finds himself bound to Lucifer and vowing to do his bidding to keep Evangeline safe. What the Demon King doesn’t count on is hell hath no fury like a reaper determined to find the woman he loves. The dark angel will litter Hell with broken demons until his mate is back home safe.

Main Tropes

  • Secret Baby
  • Woman in Peril
  • Alpha Hero


The story unfolds in a world where darkness and light collide in a love story filled with power and sacrifice.

Sephtis, a reaper bound to both Heaven and Hell, is tasked with escorting the damned to their fates. His unique abilities strike fear even into the hearts of demons, but it's his mate, Evangeline, who keeps him from fully succumbing to his own darkness. He'll go to any lengths to ensure her safety.

When Evangeline mated with Sephtis, she became a guardian angel, living a life filled with all that is good in the world. However, a vow she makes to a dying woman leads her to defy her mate's wishes, plunging her into her own personal hell.

Sephtis finds himself ensnared by Lucifer, bound to do the Demon King's bidding to protect Evangeline. What Lucifer fails to anticipate is the relentless determination of a reaper in love. Sephtis will leave a trail of broken demons in Hell as he fights with unwavering resolve to reunite with the woman he loves. In a gripping narrative of love, redemption, and the battle between good and evil, Sephtis and Evangeline's destinies are intertwined in ways that challenge the very essence of their existence.

Intro Into Chapter One

Seph looked at the recently fallen angels beside him and shook his head. They had no idea what they were in for.

“I’m going to check the perimeter. You two keep a watch here. If you see anything suspicious... Yell.” Lyzander had already taken off to rescue his mate while Seph waited outside with Cade and Raze.

The two nodded and Seph took off, heading behind the small cabin where Aezyla was holding Kelana hostage. When he rounded the corner, he spotted two demons, weapons at the ready. Clearly, they were about to lay ambush to his brethren on the other side, and Seph was having none of it. Feeling feisty, and wanting to get home to his mate for an evening of sport fucking, he unraveled his senses to reach out further. There were at least several dozen more demons lying in wait along the ridge of the mountains a few yards away. This was definitely a trap, and they were outnumbered six to one. There was only one way to even out this little soirée and make sure the others stayed safe. Seph summoned his solid black wings, and his transformation into a reaper began in a ripple across his body. 

He didn’t need a weapon to take care of demons in this realm. They were at the bottom of his food chain, and his mere presence was enough to scare most of them shitless. A reaper’s power was twofold in Hell.

Wind whipped up, catching his robe sending sails of black fabric to trail behind him as he headed closer to the enemy. Pointing a now bony finger, he said, “I would reconsider your options.” His voice, now several octaves lower, was also edged with an evil that made mortals shiver.

The two demons looked up, their eyes wide. Both dropped their weapons on the ground and took a step back. “Reaper. We mean no harm,” one replied in a shaky voice.

“Then I suggest you flee. Now!” He leaned closer and spread his massive wings. The two in front of him turned tail and ran. Seph called forth several fireballs and launched them at their heels. They would be sure to get the point and not try to return if they wished to keep their heads.

With those two gone, he set his sights on the remaining demons. Seph moved across the rocky landscape. His reaper boots never touched the ground as he floated to where the others hid. He drew closer, the evil and darkness swirling around him and soothing him like an old friend. He allowed it to flow inside him, become one with his soul. It filled him with power so raw and dark, he swore he could destroy the world. Maybe he could, but there was still a small spark of light. The one that kept him from going totally over the edge and always brought him back. He loved feeling the darkness as it flowed through his veins, and being in Lulerain, the pits of Hell, only fed his hungry soul. Every time he unleashed his darkness, it became more like an addiction. Harder to step away from when the job was done. It was the ultimate high, but if he let it, it could turn him into the most vile creature to ever walk the earth.

Pushing toward where the others hid, he noted several Baenor demons slithering behind him. In the human world, they would be akin to a twelve-foot cobra, only with much larger fangs and eyes that sparkled like amethyst. For some reason, reapers were like the pied fucking piper of the Baenor in Hell. Suited him just fine considering the only other beast feared more than a hellsnake was a hellhound. They both had ferocious appetites. 

Hovering only feet away from where a small army of demons hid among the boulders, Seph chuckled to himself. The demons remained silent. Probably hoping they would go undetected.


This time he laughed out loud before he launched several fireballs toward the rocks. A few screeches and several curses were shouted back his way, but the demons held their ground.

“Fine. I love a good torture.” Seph pointed at the two Baenors on his right. “You two”—he waved his hand toward several large boulders—“circle that way and give no mercy.” The snakes sprang into action. Their massive heads held high in the air and their tongues flickered out to taste the scent of their next meal. It didn’t take long for the snakes to strike and paralyze their victims. Even Seph had to turn away rather than watch the feasting. Besides, he had his own demons to fry.

A demon to his left threw a blade aimed at Seph’s chest. Seph let loose a blue arc of power that lashed out like a lasso and wrapped around the demon, squeezing as it burned through the skin, muscle and bone. The creature’s screams and the stench of burnt flesh filled the air and seduced the reaper. It wasn’t often he got to torture. Mostly he scared the shit out of humans then escorted them to their not so happily ever after. This proved to be too much fun, and he was happy they had chosen not to run like the others.

When several demons decided to try and escape, he summoned his scythe. The blade’s edge glistened in the night’s sky, revealing its readiness to cut through bone like butter. 

He swung.

Three heads left their bodies and flew through the air, landing with a hard splat on the rocky ground. The rest of the army ran and Seph raced behind them, mocking their weakness as they fled deeper into the mountains. Satisfied there was no more threat, he took a long deep breath and forced his body to absorb his wings. With another burning lung full of air, he began the painful transformation back. Flesh grew cell by cell over his bones at a rate so rapid it sent him to his knees. His jaw ached from clenching it through the pain. Within seconds, he was back to looking human. All traces of the black robe now replaced with the jeans he had donned earlier in the day. He pushed to his feet and stretched his neck, bones snapping back into place, then headed back to where he had left Cade and Raze. Halfway there, he stopped abruptly and scanned the area, swearing he felt the oily slickness of evil slide across his skin, but when he searched there was nothing. Shrugging his shoulders, he moved back toward the cabin.

Must be an after effect. He’d only ever been in Lulerain a few times and had discovered his reaper was far too comfortable here. It was why he hadn’t returned to the pits since he’d met Eva, the true light of his life. His mate kept him sane, and he knew if anything ever happened to her, there would be nothing to stop his darkness from taking over. Heaven and Hell help them all.

As he approached, Lyzander had Kelana in his arms as the angel stormed out the door.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” Lyzander said and Seph couldn’t agree more.

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