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Vampire's Desire (Book 6)

Vampire's Desire (Book 6)

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In a world consumed by darkness, Lucan battles to save himself from the very power he wields. He finds himself torn between his trust issues and an undeniable truth—he must join forces with the sister of his sworn enemy. Bound by an ancient prophecy that foretells her as the savior of humanity's brutal war, Lucan's resistance wanes as shadows threaten to consume them all.

Locked away in her brother's torturous dungeon, Sabin endures relentless torment. Amidst her despair, a glimmer of hope keeps her going—the belief that a destined vampire will be her salvation. Despite Lucan's refusal to accept their fated connection, Sabin knows their unity is vital for the world's survival.

Two opposing forces collide, one draped in darkness, the other radiating light. Their intertwined existence becomes a lifeline, for without each other, they are destined to fall prey to impending evil. As time ticks away and Sabin's ability to fulfill the prophecy diminishes with the absence of the Phoenix God, an unthinkable sacrifice may be their only hope.

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Main Tropes

  • Fated Mates
  • Alpha Hero
  • Opposites Attract


Lucan, struggling to save himself from the overwhelming power he possesses, finds himself trapped between his trust issues and an undeniable truth—he must join forces with the sister of his sworn enemy. Bound by an ancient prophecy that marks her as the savior in humanity's brutal war, Lucan's resistance gradually weakens as shadows threaten to engulf them all.

Sabin, imprisoned within her brother's torturous dungeon, endures relentless torment. Amidst her despair, a glimmer of hope keeps her going—a belief that a destined vampire will come to be her salvation. Despite Lucan's initial refusal to acknowledge their fated connection, Sabin knows that their unity is essential for the world's survival.

Two opposing forces, one draped in darkness and the other radiating light, collide in a struggle for existence. Their intertwined destinies become a lifeline, for without each other, they are destined to succumb to the encroaching evil. As time dwindles and Sabin's ability to fulfill the prophecy diminishes with the absence of the Phoenix God, they may be left with no choice but to contemplate an unthinkable sacrifice—a last-ditch effort for their survival and the salvation of their world.

Intro Into Chapter One

Lucan maneuvered down Bourbon Street. The crowd thick with drunks and half-dressed women, but they didn’t notice him. He blended into the blackness of the shadows. His heavy boots never made a sound as they met the sidewalk, while his mind still tried to wrap around the fact his king, Aidyn, was the Phoenix god. No one knew when Aidyn––or, Pyros as he was further known––would come back from wherever it was he had gone to once he had risen. The god’s brothers, Hades, Zarek and Argathos had said Pyros would have gone to a place to rest and regain his power. Until then, everyone waited. Meantime, Lucan was expected to rescue his so-called mate from a prison in Hell.

Fuck that shit. Though this would be exactly something Zarek would do. Fate me with our enemy’s sister. Blood ran ice cold through his veins at the mere thought of bonding with the daughter of Drayos, the demon who was responsible for the darkness that now stirred in Lucan’s soul. Every day the light inside him faded a little more thanks to that bastard. To one day have children with that demon’s blood running through them sickened him. 

As he scouted for his next meal, a scream shattered past the sound of music and drunken celebration, pulling Lucan’s gaze to the disturbance. He zeroed in on three demons who attempted to drag a human female away from the crowd. He had mere seconds to decide if he should interfere or ignore it. Everyone had been instructed to stay inside, but now with Aidyn gone, things deteriorated rapidly. There was no one to lead and only a handful of guardians to fight thousands of demons. It was an impossible task to say the least.

Lucan decided rather than rescue the damsel in distress, he would follow the clan and see where they took her. If things got too out of control, then he would step in, but right now intel was gold. Rumors had reached the guardians about camps being setup that housed hundreds of prisoners. They needed to find out what Lowan was up to and try to put a stop to it. Shoving aside his hunger, he moved toward the demons and followed them down the street, the pleading woman in tow. Party goers stepped out of the way, probably hoping they wouldn’t be next. Not one had enough courage to move forward and try to help the female. Part of him understood why they balked. Humans were no match against a demon. Still, their lack of balls left a bitter taste in his mouth. Some days he wondered why he and his brethren even tried. Was his darkness and the curse leaving him bitter?

The demons led him into a bar by the name of Kane’s and through a parting crowd into a back room. Lucan still in the shadows, wrapped the darkness around him like a thick blanket. He was so close he could feel the heat coming from the skin of the beast closest to him. A green-skinned demon with horns protruding from its back and saliva dripping from the corner of its disgusting mouth.

He wanted to gag.

The female had since stopped screaming and resorted to sobbing pleas of mercy. It would do her no good as was evident when one of her captors twisted her arm harder.

“Shut the fuck up. I’m tired of your sniveling,” he snarled, thick yellow spittle flying and Lucan did gag.

“What are you going to do with me?” the woman managed in a calm voice.

Demonic laughter filled the small room as all three demons burst into a fit.

“You will join the other slaves. Demons enjoy fucking you humans.” He ran a black nail along her cheek and the woman blanched.

“If you’re lucky––” another chimed in “––you might stay alive for a few weeks.” Then he grabbed the front of her top and ripped it from her body, exposing her breasts which the demon fondled. Lucan, not wanting to give up the upper hand, also wasn’t about to stand by and watch this assault. He summoned just enough dark power to give the demon a small jolt which had the prick snapping his hand back and shaking it.

“You won’t be in need of clothing where you’re going,” another replied.

The female tried to recoil but was restrained by a demon on either side of her. Lucan was about to step up his power when a portal opened in front of them. 

Well, well.

Best to sneak in and gain intel on precisely where this camp was. As soon as the demonic goons entered with the woman in tow, he followed. Seconds later, they stepped into a dimly lit room. Lucan was thankful because he was on alert and prepared to be discovered. Fortunately, the shadows stuck close and kept him cloaked. A familiar stench filled the room as they dragged the female away, the portal closing with a loud snap behind them. Lucan took a second to send out feelers. He detected at least fifty demons and almost double the humans.

What fresh hell is this?

He followed the bunch through a narrow corridor, a burning torch every few feet helped light the way. Not that he required it. He thrived in the dark and rather preferred it. It seemed the demons wanted their prisoners to see the creepy crawlies that scurried on the damp walls.

When they reached the end, it widened slightly to reveal cell after cell. How many, he couldn’t count. They went as far as he could see and many were filled with at least four or more humans. While they shoved the female into a cage with two women and one male––all without a stitch of clothing––he checked out the nearby cells.

“Human male, we brought you a new toy. Just don’t break her or Lowan will have your head for dinner.” The demon shoved her inside and slammed the door.

Pretty much the same scene in many of the cells. Males and females were under nourished, dirty and their eyes filled with a wish for death.


Son of a bitch!

* * *

He was here. Lucan, her mate, was in the compound and her heart raced. Had he finally come for her? She called out.


Waited for him to respond, but he never entered her mind.

Lucan, I know you’re here. Why do you insist on ignoring me? I’m waiting for you to come for me.

Time halted while she once again waited for him to respond, or at least show up outside her cell ready to spring her from this hellish nightmare. Neither happened, so she rose from the lumpy cot where she spent most of her days and nights and walked to the bars. Gripping the cold steel, she peered into the dark corridor. Looking to the right then left, her ears filled with the agonizing screams of the other prisoners.

Lucan, my promise to you still holds true. Free me from my cage and I will readily kneel before you. She had made the promise once before. Understood her mate’s dark desires and had vowed to let him use her body in any way he wished. She would do anything, promise anything to be free of her brother’s clutches.

What is this place, Sabin? What is your brother doing with all these humans?

The sound of his voice in her head brought renewed hope. It’s how he pays his army of demons. I’m not privy to any more than what whispers I hear in my section.

A long silent spell before he replied.

So they are his slaves?

I would assume. 

How many are here?

She sighed. I would not know. I’m not allowed to roam free and when I’m taken from my cell it is with a blindfold. Why was he asking her all these questions? Her stomach sank.

You’re not coming for me, are you. She didn’t bother to pose it as a question because she already knew the answer.


Sabin wanted to cry but she no longer had tears to shed. Long ago, they had stopped coming when her fate had been sealed. She’d resigned herself to die in this place until one day she felt his presence. She never imagined a mate would be destined for her, yet his soul called to her own. Touched her, and she witnessed all the darkness that threatened to overtake him.

You would leave your mate here to die?

I am expected to believe the sister of my enemy? He laughed. The daughter of the bastard who cursed not only my soul, but those of my brethren?

My brother has pledged to kill me on my next birth date. When that happens, your chance to break the curse will be gone forever.


Sabin almost wished for the screams to penetrate her thoughts because she hated the quiet. Despised the thought her mate would leave her here to suffer. That he was so repulsed by her, he would sacrifice himself. She pressed her forehead against the bars and closed her eyes when the scent of leather and dark chocolate reached her right before heat brushed her skin. She opened her eyes and stared at the sight in front of her. One that would forever be burned into her memory.

He towered several inches over her, but not so much that she would have to stand on tip-toe to kiss him. His black hair touched the collar of his shirt and looked as if he’d been running his fingers through it. It made her desperate to slip her own hands into it. To feel the silkiness caress her skin while he drank from her vein.

His dark gaze swept over her. Taking in every inch of her which made her feel like a bird on display. She was grateful for the thin gown that covered her body. Unlike many here, Sabin had been kept off limits. Her brother wanted to keep her pure for the sacrifice he planned later.

Her mate, standing just out of reach, filled out a black t-shirt and dark jeans as if someone had painted the fabric over every hard ridge and muscle of his large frame. This man would crush her if he desired.

“Lucan,” she managed a whisper. To see him with her own eyes… She could die now and be glad to have at least laid her gaze on the man who had been fated to belong to her. This vampire though, it was clear he belonged to no one. He was predator and power. Lethal to his very core and he would own her should he ever claim her. The thought sent a shudder down her spine as she envisioned what it would be like to be taken by this man.

“What do you mean Lowan plans your death?”

There came that shiver again. His voice was low and sexy and held a command that would be difficult for anyone––mortal or not––to ignore. 

“On my next birth date, he will…” She swallowed. The words stuck in her throat and she wanted to look away from him. Did not want this strong vampire to see her break.

Lucan moved closer, yet still out of reach. “He will what?”

“He will take my virginity then sacrifice me. It is the only way he can claim my demigod power. On my birth date, my demigod powers will come to me and he intends to take them for himself.” She took in a deep breath. “Who knows what power he will wield then.”

* * *

Could Lowan be sick enough to do that to his own sister? 

Yes. Lucan thought the bastard was power hungry enough to do anything. He tried to pull in rational thoughts as he stared at the female behind the bars. A thin, white gown covered her but did nothing to hide those luscious curves. Curves that had his zipper digging into his erection. She looked pure. Creamy skin, golden hair and blue eyes that reminded him of the lake at his cabin. It was a place where he felt at peace. Then the dark thoughts slammed into his head. The ones that wanted this female naked, on her knees in front of him and at his mercy. The thought of her wrists bound with leather straps was most appealing and did nothing to help his erection.

He forced out all images of Sabin at his mercy and reminded himself who she was. The daughter of Drayos, the demon who had cursed the guardians during their last war and the reason he fought his own darkness. Her mother had been Aidyn’s sister and Marcus’s betrothed until the female had crossed into Drayos’s camp and betrayed them all. Then Sabin’s own brother Lowan wanted to command the world. It was a fucked-up family tree and one he wanted no part of.

“Lucan?” Her voice played like a song and he wanted to free her from her cage. His little bird. Instead he snarled.

“You expect me to believe your lies?” He took a step back before he did something stupid, like rescue her.

She shook her head. “I do not lie. I will meet my destiny in seven days, with or without you. All those who ought to be my protectors, instead condemn me.”

He dug his nails into his palm until blood pooled to the surface and threatened to spill. He would not allow her––this she devil––to sway him. “I only came here to follow the demons who took a human female. I wanted to see what they were doing.”

He needed to leave and fast. The darkness inside him screamed for freedom. He’d been in Hell far too long and the stain on is soul was growing as it did for any guardian who entered this realm. The darkness already filled Lucan, yet he fared much better than his brethren. Still, he needed to get back and inform the others of his discovery. Maybe Willow, the female he had yanked from this prison, could shed more light on the place. According to Willow, Lowan had liked to share things with her. It was his way of reminding his prisoners who was in charge and what he had taken from them.

The demigod was a sick fucker.

As he faded into the shadows, he heard the pleas of Sabin and almost buckled under the pressure. No. He would rather condemn himself to Hell, or death by beheading, than claim this female.

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