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Vampire's Kiss (Book 3)

Vampire's Kiss (Book 3)

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He is more than just a guardian.

Seth, the first-ever vampire Guardian, grapples with his sense of self. On the brink of madness, he teeters dangerously close to succumbing to his inner darkness. When he realizes that the fiery Kaitlyn belongs to him, he faces not only his own demons but also the dilemma of claiming her, risking their lives in the process.

She is a formidable demon slayer.

Kaitlyn, armed with a dagger since childhood, has spent her life vanquishing demons. It's no surprise that her destiny intertwines with that of a troubled vampire. As fate unveils her true identity, she must search deep within her heart for the courage to embrace her path.

Katie holds the key to humanity's salvation. As Seth's ominous side draws nearer, he desperately hopes to maintain control long enough to shield her from the challenges ahead. However, he may prove to be her greatest threat.

He battles his desires to possess her. She fights to redeem him. Together, they embark on a war to safeguard humanity, knowing that survival comes at a cost.

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Main Tropes

  • Fated Mates
  • Alpha Hero
  • Tortured Hero


Seth, the very first vampire Guardian, grapples with an existential crisis as he stands perilously close to the edge of madness. His inner demons threaten to consume him, endangering not only himself but also the fiery and determined Kaitlyn, whom he realizes belongs to him. In the face of his own turmoil, he must make the choice to claim her, a decision that could risk both their lives.

Kaitlyn, a formidable demon slayer, has wielded a dagger since childhood and has dedicated her life to vanquishing demons. Her path becomes inexorably linked with that of a troubled vampire, leading to the revelation of her true identity. To embrace her destiny, she must summon the courage buried deep within her heart.

Katie holds the key to humanity's salvation, but as Seth's ominous side draws nearer, he is determined to maintain control long enough to protect her from the challenges that lie ahead. However, he may unwittingly become her greatest threat.

As they both grapple with their desires and inner demons, they embark on a battle to safeguard humanity, fully aware that survival comes at a steep price. In a world where destiny and darkness intertwine, Seth and Kaitlyn's journey promises a story of love, redemption, and the struggle to preserve the light in a world threatened by shadows.

Intro Into Chapter One

Current time 

Seth stared into the glass of whiskey and dug his nails into his thigh. Sanity, an old friend that rarely visited anymore, slowly crept back and cleared his mind. It took him a moment to realize he still sat at the bar of the Fire and Ice club next to the beautiful Kaitlyn.

“We need to talk.” He turned to stare into her cool blue eyes.

She tipped her chip up. “I couldn’t agree more. Follow me to my office.” The redhead slipped from her stool and the emerald dress slid down her legs. When she turned, Seth caught a glimpse of creamy thigh through the slit up her gown. The prick of fangs into his bottom lip reminded him he needed to regain control before he threw her to the floor and drank from her slender neck. No, make that her femoral artery. He wanted to taste the strawberry essence straight from her silky thigh.

“Are you coming, Mr. Ruiz?”

Oh, he wanted to be. He grinned. “I wouldn’t dream of missing the opportunity to see your office.” Or perhaps drape you across the desk and rip that gown straight down the middle. He pulled in a deep breath and reminded himself there would be no drinking or fucking this woman. As much as he wanted to, he didn’t trust himself. Images of Vivian dead on the ground were replaced with Kaitlyn’s. So much time and still the goddess haunted him.

He followed her across plush carpet like a hound after a bitch in heat. Passed several tables and bustling staff that prepared for a busy evening. On the other side of the room was a large stage with a dance pole and three cages hung above it from the ceiling. “What kind of club is this exactly?” Like he needed to ask since the evidence glared at him, but for some reason he wanted confirmation.

She glanced over her shoulder. Ruby lips curled upward and white teeth flashed in contrast. “A gentlemen’s club, of course.”

“Indeed. Let me guess. Dancing girls?”

Kaitlyn pushed open a six-paneled, oak door and glided through. Seth followed and scanned the room. Black lacquer desk on one side with two leather chairs placed in front of it and across the room a sectional faced a sixty-inch flat screen. She directed him to a chair opposite the desk.

“Why? Would you care to partake of our services?” She handed him a black leather folder, the gold letters on the front read ‘Fire and Ice’. He opened it to find a menu of available services.

He scanned over the items. Everything from a standard massage to things much more intimate. While the house specials weren’t spelled out, he could only assume what each meant. He tossed the menu to the desk. “How much for an entire evening?”

She rounded the desk and took a seat in a plush high-back chair, placed her elbows on the glossy surface and steepled her fingers under her chin. “So, you want the club’s exclusive? Ten thousand, up front, in cash.” She leaned back, riffled through a drawer and pulled out a photo album. “Frankly, Mr. Ruiz, I’m surprised.”

He raised a questioning brow. “And why is that, Ms. O’Hara?”

“You’re a handsome man. I would think you’d have no trouble in the female department.”

“Oh, but I don’t. I can have any woman I choose.” He leaned forward. “What about you? Will I find your photo in that album you hold in your hands?”

Her eyes narrowed. The woman read like a book and irritation was plastered all over her pretty face. “I am not for sale,” she spat.

“Really? You seem to have no trouble asking others to sell their bodies.”

She slammed the album shut. “Look. I don’t need to explain myself to you. The girls I hire only give what they are comfortable with and they are paid very well.” She rose. “I think it’s time you left.”

She walked around and stood in front of him. Waited.

Seth rose from his chair. “Tell me, would you take twenty thou?”

“No.” Anger radiated off her and pricked his skin and for some reason it aroused him. He grabbed her arms, pressed her against the desk and stared into her eyes. “Enough of these fucking games. I want the dagger, now be a good little girl and fetch it for me.”

“Get off me,” she whispered through clenched teeth.

He was taken aback. Why did she not fall under his enthrallment? Humans were so easy to manipulate with a quick stare.

“I’ll give you to the count of three, Mr. Ruiz. If you do not take your hands off me, I will knee your man junk so far into your body you’ll be eating cock for dinner.”

He couldn’t help the grin that slipped across his lips. “I’m afraid I’m now wise to your tricks.” The memory of her knee planted in his balls when he’d last tried to rescue her still fresh in his mind. He pressed his groin closer, pinned her to the desk and enjoyed watching her eyes widen as his erection pushed into her.

“What are you exactly? It’s not every day I encounter a human female slaying demons.”

Her gaze narrowed indicating anger, yet the musky scent of her arousal coated the back of his throat as he inhaled. Damn she smelled good.

“I’m none of your business, but I may ask the same of you.” She jerked, tried to free herself but he held steadfast. “Why is it you keep showing up and how do you know about the dagger?”

“That blade is dangerous and you need to give it to me,” he growled. His patience waned.

She spit in his face. “Go fuck yourself.”

He didn’t miss a beat. “I’d much rather fuck you and watch you writhe beneath me as you experience the best orgasm of your life.”

A delicate red brow shot up. “You think highly of yourself, don’t you.”

“Was that a question?”

“It was more of a statement.”

To hell with the gods and their rules. He’d obeyed them for thousands of years, but not today. He let his fangs elongate and again enjoyed the look of surprise cross her face. “There are so many ways I could pleasure you.”

“W-what are you?”

“Your guardian angel, sweetheart.”

She tipped her head back and let out a nervous laugh. He was surprised that even after he revealed his pearly whites, she was still aroused. He had to wonder what type of shit she was into.

“Where are your wings then? Oh, and aren’t you supposed to have a halo? For some reason I picture horns as being more appropriate for you.” She tried again to break free, but he held steady.

“This conversation is getting us nowhere. I want the dagger.”

Sapphire eyes glared at him. “Unless you plan to kill me you’re not getting it.” Plump lips curled into a wicked smile. “Even then you’ll never find it.”

He’d reached the breaking point. The scent of strawberries mixed with her musky arousal had his mouth watering. If he didn’t leave soon he’d either drain her or fuck her. Probably both.

“You win this round, but I’ll be watching every move you make.” He let his gaze roam to her full breasts and rest there a moment to make his point before moving back to meet her stare. With a snarl, he flashed from the room, saddened he wouldn’t be able to see the look on her face.

* * *

Katie’s jaw unhinged. Partially due to the fact the sexy man with the fangs had vanished into thin air. The other was from the fire that currently smoldered between her legs. Her arousal had been beyond her control and it annoyed the hell out of her. Granted, the man was sex on a stick. Better than any she’d seen in her club and she had meant it when she’d told him he shouldn’t have any trouble getting a woman. Hell, had he pushed, she might have stripped and spread herself across the desk like an offering to the gods.

His eyes had thrown her off though. Almost black, they seemed lifeless. Then there had been something else about him that was dark. She questioned her senses, the ones that told her who was demon. Since she was a child she’d been able to pick up on evil. It had a particular odor. Not sulphur like some would think, but they smelled of death.

The dark-haired stranger had smelled like hot cinnamon candy. Yummy and delicious and she had fought to keep her tongue from flicking out and tracing a line along his darkened jaw. It was only when he’d pinned her that she’d caught a slight whiff of death. The two scents were at odds with each other and indicated an internal battle. When he’d flashed a pair of long, thick fangs, she’d wanted to beg him to bite her. She rubbed her temples and wondered if maybe she needed a vacation.

The phone rang, pulling her back to reality. Her anger fired up again. Clearly Mr. Ruiz had somehow tried to seduce her with some kind of demon magic. He may not have the scent of a full blood, but he was something evil that needed to be put down. If he came near her again, she wouldn’t hesitate to plunge the dagger into his black heart.

She grabbed her cell off the desk. “Hello?”

“Ms. O’Hara?”

She didn’t recognize the voice. “Yes, this is she.”

“Ms. O’Hara, this is Mrs. Hansen, I live next door to your father. He hasn’t come out for his paper yet today and he doesn’t answer the door. It’s so unlike him.”

Fear clawed her with its poisonous talons. One thing she could count on was her father liked routine. He always picked up his paper from the front yard at six in the morning. Sharp.

“Mrs. Hansen, I’ll be right over and thank you for calling.” She pushed the ‘end call’ button and ran from the office. 

“I have an emergency. You’ll have to take over for me.” She yelled to her assistant manager, Angie, as she rushed out the front door.  She hurried to her car that was parked in a private lot next door. Even in her panic, she sensed a pair of eyes on her. Was it Mr. Ruiz? She started the engine and squealed down the street. The only thing that mattered was her father and she prayed he was all right.

* * *

Seth stood across the street and watched as Kaitlyn ran out the door and climbed into her car. His sixth sense told him something was wrong.

“So, what gives with the sexy firecracker?”

He jerked and found Baal standing next to him. The demon’s golden eyes pinned on the redhead.

“Why are you here?” Seth asked.

“Aren’t you going to follow her?” Baal leaned against the brick building, arms over his chest, ankles crossed.

Seth sucked on a toothpick. “In due time. I have her scent so I’ll be able to find her.”

“So, I’m guessing no luck on the dagger then?”

He pulled his coat tight to fight against the chill. Winter in Chicago was having a hard time letting go. The April weather had been hell. “No. Again, why are you here bothering me?” Seth liked the demon, but he wasn’t in the mood for company. Not when he had a painful erection that still pressed against his jeans.

“Aidyn sent me to keep your ass out of trouble.”

He threw his toothpick to the sidewalk and began walking down the street. “I don’t need a babysitter.”

Baal tossed his head back in laughter and came up beside him, his expression turned serious. “Look, Aidyn was taken away by Zarek and gods knows when he’ll be back. Lucan...”

Seth stopped in his tracks. “Wait. What do you mean taken away?” 

The demon’s golden eyes darkened. “He’s being punished. Was shackled and dragged off by Gabriel and a few of his goons in front of everyone. I think the gods mean to set an example.”

His fangs dropped and he fisted his hands. “Why would Zarek punish my leader?”

“Look, you’ve been off line for a while. Aidyn apparently broke some law and now has to pay. You know how it is with those fuckers. They change the rules like we change underwear.”

Seth fought to regain control of his senses. His first reaction was to flash to Zarek and demand answers. However, he knew he was in no position to be demanding anything. Besides, it would only make matters worse. He needed to hold to his promise to Aidyn and get that damn dagger back before the curse pulled him completely into the darkness.

“Where are the others?” Seth asked.

“Lucan has gone into hiding for gods knows whatever reason. Garin, Marcus and Gwen are off fighting demons with the Draki and Cassie has been sent to the Temple of the Gods with the baby for safe keeping.” He raked his fingers through his brown hair. “Things are not going well. My people are also in the fray. Lowan’s puppets are popping up everywhere.”

Seth didn’t like the sound of any of it, but he had his own orders and needed to carry them out. He started down the sidewalk again. “I need to get that dagger.”

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