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Vampire's Queen-signed paperback (book 7)

Vampire's Queen-signed paperback (book 7)

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The Phoenix's Rebirth

In a realm haunted by darkness and chaos, a prophecy awakens.

The anticipated dawning of the phoenix, destined to vanquish terror, takes an unexpected turn. Aidyn, once the vampire king and now reborn as the phoenix God, finds himself facing unforeseen challenges. An evil demigod still roams free, and Aidyn embarks on a perilous quest to hunt him down and ensure lasting peace. But as a deity, he is bound by new rules forbidding the killing of their own kind. The phoenix must adhere, yet the vampire within him knows no bounds, and Aidyn will stop at nothing to safeguard his beloved.

The dragon rebels against her conflicted heart.

Leria treads a precarious path between love and loathing. From the moment she begged the vampire king to spare her father's life, she has been entangled in a complicated romance. Even his demise failed to ease her anguish. Complications arise when Aidyn returns as the long-awaited phoenix God, with an unwavering determination to claim what he believes is rightfully his. However, when she uncovers his clandestine secret, it becomes a final blow to their predetermined fate.

A union between the dragon and the phoenix seems destined.

Aidyn's love for Leria has been steadfast since her birth, but in his zealous efforts to safeguard his future queen, he inadvertently propels her into the clutches of their adversaries. Now, Leria's life hangs in the balance, forcing Aidyn to make an impossible choice. Rescuing her might cost the life of her dragon. Letting her go would mean an eternity without her.
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